My name Is Hawsoon Jobe and I am the owner of the vegan perfume oil brand @portaumansa. My collection currently holds 8 diffrent scents.

My brand values are soul mind and community. The product is developed with an empowering story attained to it. A story which reminds people of their essence of power, taking control of their empowerment, whilst aiming high.

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The first part, Port- Au is inspired by the capital of Haiti known as Port - Au Prince. The
significance of the place lies in the fact that it was among the few places that enslaved people collectively and successfully revolted against their colonial oppressors. Thus, demonstrating the essence of unity and liberation

The second part of the name Mansa is inspired by the West African emperor Mansa Musa who is regarded as the wealthiest person to have ever lived. He, was remembered for his wealth as well as how we used it. Thus, his legacy lives on, celebrating his generosity and influence within and beyond Africa.