Isabelle McAllister is a well-known interior decorator, DIYer and TV host in Sweden with over 20 years’ experience in the lifestyle field.

She has exhibited, worked, and lived in New York, Tokyo, Belgium, Bali and Brazil. Last couple of years Isabelle’s focus is being a creative transformational activist in the field of sustainability and climate disruption which means helping and working with companies and organizations that want to change for a better future.


In 2009 Isabelle started a scholarship to try to make the construction industry more
inclusive. Skavank (Norstedts Agency 2021) – is her second book after Rum F r Kidsen, (Bonnier Fakta 2014 Make room for the kids) But she has also been involved and featured in in many other publications and books such as Architecture Digest, Elle Decoration, Residence Magazine, New Nordic Color book (Ryland Peters & Small) . Isabelle is half Swedish and half Belgian and lives with her family and cat and shares her time between the apartment in Stockholm and her house in Leksand (both featured in the book).

One of the best thing we can do for our planet is to use the stuff we already have for as long as possible.
Perfectly Flawed (Skavank) is a book about things and even more so - our relationship with them. About how we have to care for and repair them so that they will last longer, and about different materials and classical handicrafts – knowledge that has been somewhat lost.

From the book Skavank - (Perfectly flawed)
- mend, care for and appreciate your (old) stuff